The most sophisticated 'technology' available to you is, in fact, your own body.

It consistently responds to both internal and external influences. Your bodily systems are perpetually engaged in the vital process of adaptation, sustaining a balanced state of coherence and harmony that guides you toward health and away from disease. This regulation primarily occurs through electrical impulses in the autonomic nervous system. An astonishing  95% of external input is processed by the subconscious mind and through the subtle bodies. This illustrates that we are, in fact, more than just our physical form, and these less tangible, less conscious aspects of ourselves have the most profound impact on our lives. 



We Are Vibration

In the realm of physics, it has been substantiated that everything in existence, including the material world, is essentially comprised of diverse levels of vibrating energy. This revelation underscores the perpetual state of change, entropy, and dynamic flux that defines the universe, all of which find expression through the medium of energy. This energy is quantified through the measurement of electromagnetic frequencies, akin to notes in a musical scale, ranging from low to high. Notably, a substantial portion of this spectrum lies beyond the range of human visual perception.

In our bodies, energy plays a crucial role as the driving force, providing motivation and sustaining our life force. Though our gross body itself does not derive its own energy. 



Associated with the electromagnetic spectrum, this energy spans a wide range from very short wavelengths, such as gamma radiation, to extremely long wavelengths like radio waves. Importantly, all forms of electromagnetic radiation travel at the speed of light. It's crucial to note that the source of electromagnetic radiation is invariably matter. All matter is in a perpetual cycle of absorbing and emitting electromagnetic frequencies.

As we delve deeper into the essence of matter, examining molecules, atoms, atomic particles, and even subatomic particles, we encounter energy. This energy, rather than expanding outward in linear waveforms, is intricately bound in orbital relationships that continually shift, contingent on the amount of energy absorbed or emitted.

Is Energy Medicine Psuedo-Science?

‘Whilst orthodox physics accepts that electromagnetic frequencies constitute all levels of existence, orthodox medical philosophy prefers to stick to a more mechanistic ‘things that are real and solid’. They understandably, feel more comfortable with terminology of cause and effect, measurability and repeatability.”- The Essence Practitioner

The concept of energetic and vibrational medicine can be misleading, confusing, and is often qualified as pseudoscience. In this concept it is difficult to define what energy is because there is nothing that is not energy. Despite this challenge, as electric beings composed of matter and energy our greatest opportunity for healing may lie in supporting subtle bodies. 

Flower Essence Remedies

{flow}er essences are with imprints of vibrational energy carefully translated from fresh or live plants to structured water. 

These essences act as an electrical impulse for your entire being and can affect the physical, and subtle bodies. Essences do ‘fix things’ but they can also do much more than that by helping the body to eliminate underlying energy imbalances. 

I cannot keep up with the subtle changes…I am moving into another stage of consciousness and everything is realigning.” - Flower Essence Customer 

At Fe, our process of working with flower and environmental essences is very unique. We let nature take the lead with a meaningful and organic unfoldment journey. This process is akin to creating poetry for your soul and subtle body, just as a flower is poetic for your sight, fresh water speaks to your skin, food dances on your tongue, and the scent of morning dew rises uplifts your being- flower essences communicate to your subtle bodies

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