Detoxification Without Deprivation

Photo by Benoit Paille

Ancient health traditions encourage us to cleanse and detoxify in Spring.

Our being is innately preparing to release and ready us to blossom following a long winter's hibernation. 

It is commonplace to approach this annual threshold with elimination and fasting, methods that arrived on the coattails of the diet-crazed nineties. Many of us created our subconscious relationship with food during these impressionable years. Frequently with complicated instructions of this, not that, we were left feeling confused and questioning our intuition. 


The most natural way to nourish our body became the way we found significant separation from it. 


Together, we are part of a movement shifting the paradigm from restriction to nourishment. 


It's spring. Dream up your freshest heartfelt intention. 

What do you hope to blossom and create this season of your life? How do you incorporate these qualities into your spring detoxification process? 


Fe's in-house Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Emily Wiggins has provided a list of deeply nourishing ways to support your body in releasing toxins. These rituals help most bodies but for deeper cleansing, recommend working with your healthcare practitioner– this process is deeply personal and, just as your body, should be honored.


1. Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil packs can reduce pain and inflammation, increase liver function, promote a healthy gut, encourage elimination, and ease menstrual cramps. In addition, the late medical intuitive Edgar Cayce found through many thousands of clinical observations that when castor oil is applied topically, it will increase the vital lymph streams while removing toxic substances from the area. 

2. More Fiber 

There is a phenomenon in your body called enterohepatic recirculations. For example, suppose you're not eating enough soluble fiber-rich foods {e.g., legumes}. As a result, the harmful cholesterol and hormones in the bile from your liver and gallbladder are reabsorbed by your intestines. "Sludgy" bile keeps being recycled and can increase inflammation, toxification and ultimately bog down your lymphatic system causing disease. 

3. Stress Management

Building stress release into daily life is essential to bringing the body into a parasympathetic or "rest and digest" state. In "rest and digest," the opposite of "fight or flight," our body enters a place of relaxation which promotes recovery and healing. Stress management looks different to every person, but carving out time each day to reconnect to yourself is paramount to growth and repair. Full-spectrum hemp oil and CBD have been proven to reduce stress and increase parasympathetic nervous system dominance. 

4. Filtered Water with Minerals

Water is the foundational component of good health. We humans are composed of 70% water, the type of water we drink directly impacts our toxin burden by both input {toxins from the water} and extcretion {the efficiency of how we remove waste from our bodies}. Today, city tap water is truly terrible quality-- even in small mountain cities like Bend, Oregon, we still find water stripped of minerals and laden with heavy amounts of chlorine.

5. Good Sleep

Sleep sets the tone for all of our physiological rhythms. We do most of our healing at night, which means that if sleep is disrupted, the healing potential is significantly reduced, if not eliminated altogether. Conversely, by establishing a strong sleep foundation, our innate detoxification can increase our overall health. Try our sleep enhancing blend OCEA.  

 6Brassica Vegetables

Brassica vegetables are part of the mustard family. Due to the presence of vitamins C and E, carotenoids, and antioxidant enzymes, these vegetables are a great source of antioxidants. They also contain high levels of polyphenols and organic compounds that prevent abnormal cell growth and cancer.


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