Chiron Retrograde: Re-Evaluate Your Healing

As Chiron the centaur of the stars transverses slowly through the skies we are presented with the opportunity to reevaluate our own personal healing journey.
Chiron is retrograding through the stars from July 19th - December 23rd. Chiron’s archetype similarly represents the medicine journey here at Fe. The medicine will always take you exactly where you need to go. It will awaken parts of you that have been long forgotten, or at the center stage of our life’s experience. The journey is never short, it’s lifelong.
One thing for certain is that we are able to refine our toolkit, maybe you don’t need a three hour routine which is unreasonable for most-- maybe it’s just a quiet moment with yourself in the morning light. Or taking a short walk during the middle of the day. This refining process allows us to tune into our authentic voice and hear her whispers to us. It also allows us to step away from the external chatter and come inward.
This re-evaluation allows us to look at what isn’t lighting our heart on fire. Maybe that three hour routine is really weighing on you, so invite friends for a walk instead. Find community. Let go of the people who are no longer serving this journey of YOU.
The true-ness of your nature. The healing that has led you here. How dynamic and adaptable we can allow ourselves to be in the midst of healing. The wholeness of your being.
This period of time allows us to look at our goals, whether healing related or not and refine, re-evaluate, and remember the pureness of our light within.

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