“Libra has signed a perpetual peace treaty with chaos” 
- Steve Forrest 

October is a month of immense change. 
Of great shifts in the subterranean realms. 

It’s bringing forth an invitation, 
a peace treaty with chaos. 

This world is not becoming any less chaotic, 
as we work to acclimate to a new normal. 

Our medicine is found in the eye of the storm, where we access our tools, our center, 
amidst this chaos. 

A surrendering, and an anchoring 
to the present moment. 

We can learn this regulation from Libra, 
the scales, and from nature itself. 

Libra seeks harmony, 
nervous system regulation, 

It’s always drawn to the center point, 
the middle space where peace reigns and clarity resides. 

The balance point between light and dark. 

Libra teaches us that we must trust 
the darkness as much as the light.

That we need the dark, nutrient rich soil of our own underworld as we need the light of the sun, our joy. 

As we enter the subterranean seasons here in the Northern Hemisphere, and Mercury continues to retrograde through Libra, we’re invited to our deepest layers.

Our shadow, our underworld
where our medicine lies. 

To deepen our work and cultivate the space for
what’s meant to grow. 

We’re invited to this peace treaty with chaos, the unknown, and the dark void where our sweet wildflower dreams will take sprout. 

With Gratitude,

Ali Ofstedal
Intuitive Healer & Astrologer

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