Welcoming The Energy of Taurus

The gateway between the depths of Winter and the awakening of spring never fails to amaze me. The energy of Aries seems to sweep us all back into the emerging light filled days. To-do lists, obligations, celebrations, we all bloom into our own come the Spring. Awakened and alive we are startled out of our slumber. 

Finding new ground welcoming the energy of Taurus. 

The season of Taurus seems to always find us at the right moment in time. When we have forgotten to ground ourselves before meeting all the external obligations of the awakened spring bloom. We have been startled by our internal fire and the energy of Aries season.

If the swirls of Aries season and the blossoming of spring has swept you off your feet, step outside and find new ground. 

May we remember the earth in these moments,

may we greet her in a new light,

to meet her new, awakened from our wintery depths.

Eager and alive, still and centered,

strong and rooted,

as the Earth.

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