What is LIFE FORCE? And why is it absolutely essential?

“Diversity is resilience {life-force} in action.”- Gopal Dayaneni

Let's pass a moment together in the imaginative realm.

Allow your mind to dream up a bundle of hearty greens, freshly harvested from your garden. With your eyes, take in the vibrant hues of color; with you hands, feel the water held in each turgid leaf; take a bite, crunch down to taste the array of flavors offered by this plant. 

Now let's learn more about the importance of {life-force} beginning with the problem we collectively face as a humanity. 

Modern crops are losing

nutrient density

{including hemp + medicinal plants}

It is likely you have noticed the difference between produce you cultivate in your own garden from your local farmers market as they compare to crops grown practicing high-yield industrial agriculture. Science has gleaned that "the nutritional values of some popular vegetables, from asparagus to spinach, have dropped significantly since 1950. A 2004 US study found important nutrients are 38% lower than they were in the middle of the 20th century...while the Green Revolution helped to tackle world hunger, today we find ourselves with a global food system that in some cases has been designed to deliver calories and cosmetic perfection but not necessarily nutrition. This is contributing to a phenomenon called hidden hunger." Lovell 

What allows life to exist and flourish on Earth? Getting back to basics...

Light from the sun allows for life to exist on Earth. 

*Via After School 

Electromagnetic frequencies produced by nuclear reactions on the sun are captured by plants and converted into carbohydrates.

*Via After School 

Multicellular insects and animals consume the life-force converted by the plants from the sun for. This ancient process takes place in the mitochondria of a cell. A cubic centimeter of mitochondria can produce ten times more electromagnetic frequencies than a cubic centimeter of the sun which means the field of our own bodies and those of plants and animals radiate outward far beyond that of our own physicality. 

When you hug another person you are quite literally sharing the sunshine radiating out from one another. 

We can now measure the electric potential of all living things from humans to plants and the effect we have on one another.

Life force (sun energy) filled plants and animals are full of life-force and uphold a cellular coherence that allows life to flourish. We can see here on this phase angle scale the measurement of electric potential from 0-13 you will notice what happens within the body each frequency. 


In our gardens we can measure how our human energetics affect plants we are cultivating through enzyme reactivity– when we tend with love and care the plants respond with increased vitality i.e. nutrients, medicinal components and beyond.  

We assimilate what we consume, our food, our medicine, our environment...

Your health directly affects the quality of life surrounding you and inversely the quality of life surrounding you directly affects your quality of life {life-force}.

Products you may be consuming can be life diminishing if treated with pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, phthalates, mechanized farming practices, stripping soil through tilling, and mono cropping. These products may also contain contaminants that can be of harm to your body. 

"Research suggests that the more fungi and microbes that are active the soil, the better equipped it is to get nutrients into plants and our diet. In other words, soil teeming with fungi and bacteria is better able to break down nutrients into a form that can be more easily gobbled up by the crops." - Lovell 

As a source of plant medicine at Fe, Earth to Body we see a tremendous responsibility and opportunity to uphold the magic of nature throughout our process from cultivation, extraction, hand bottling, and tithing.

In the development of Fe we asked ourselves and remind ourselves regularly:

How can we uphold diversity and life through each part of our process? 

How can we garden (micro-farm) without the use of machinery but ensure each plant is tended to with our hands and our hearts?

How can we support local farmers who uphold diversity and life?

How can we provide products sourced fresh from the Earth then extracted without high-heat and harsh chemicals? 

How can we bottle our products so they retain life-force? Miron Glass

We intend to uphold life, from the DNA to the cell, the bacteria, the fungus, the plants, the ecosystem, the community and the Earth. We are dedicated to reflection and continuing to evolve to improve our process. 

I want to thank Dr. Zach Bush for his profound work on this subject which has very much influenced the information in this article. 

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