TRANSCEND The Rosewater Mist

For physical and subtle bodies, our organic botanical mist harnesses the extraordinary power of the rose, emitting one of the highest vibrational frequencies found among plants and gems. Sourced from a Bulgarian family farm with a rich heritage spanning over a century, where roses are carefully selected and distilled from fresh plant materials to capture the essence of this remarkable flower. 

Our hydrosol is crafted using a unique process that goes beyond mere extraction. By utilizing fresh plant materials, we are able to preserve the vital cellular water found within the living rose. This cellular water is infused with nourishing minerals and fatty acids, setting our hydrosol apart from others made using dried petals. The result is a truly exceptional product that encapsulates the purest essence of the rose.

Immerse yourself in the sublime experience of our botanical mist, which mirrors the rose itself. With its fresh and earthy top notes, our mist captures the delicate floral fragrance of the rose petals with remarkable precision. As you spray it gently onto your skin, it releases the barriers of the heart, allowing the innate ability to both give and receive love to flourish. Moreover, it breaks down self-imposed, illusory limitations, enabling a sense of freedom and personal growth.



Dosing Guide