From Our Family Farm In Oregon


1. Seed Sowing

We carefully research and procure seeds with genetics that will allow for the most optimal plant growth and expression. Additionally, it is vitally important to work with plants that thrive naturally in our bioregion to lessen resource inputs and impact on the Earth.  We begin each season’s cultivation process drawing life force immediately into the plant by soaking and germinating the seeds in a rich compost tea dilution of kelp, earthworm castings, and fish hydrolysate then hand sow each and every seedling with love.

2. Intuitive Gardening 

With generational roots in hemp gardening, we follow intuitive gardening and cultivation practices in order to tend to each plant in our garden individually, with care. We practice sustainable preservation of the land we steward by building upon soil health, biodiversity, and the earth’s microbiome to uphold the symbiotic relationship between humankind and the natural world.

3. Harvest

We honorably harvest from our small-scale garden where we are able to use our hands and preserve the medicinal components of the plants. Most large-scale farms implement machinery which can strip and lessen the potency of the final product. 

4. Extraction 

Our CO2 extraction draws out and preserves the essential cannabinoids of the hemp plant without the use of high heat or harsh solvents. Our full-spectrum hemp contains CBDa, CBD, CBGa, CBG, CBN, CBCa, CBC along with flavinoids and terpenes which allow for an optimal entourage effect. 

5. Bottling

In order to maintain the integrity of our high-quality ingredients and fresh healing plants, we carefully extract each botanical in-house. With love and care, we intentionally blend the botanical oil infusions with our CO2 extracted hemp oil and carefully procured flower essences. We exclusively use Miron Biophotonic Glass, which filters all damaging light aside from infrared rays which aids in retaining the life force offered by the Earth.