The Beginner’s Guide to Flower Essences

When Fe was just in its dream stages, Shelby and I got together to chat about what potential blends might look like. She knew she wanted herbs added to complement the hemp and as our conversation went on, I had this strong sense that we should also add flower essences. 

Flower essences are becoming more well-known and are remedies I used extensively in my practice. When I did my medical training, my mentor always said if he was given only one therapy to use with people it would be flower essences. We at Fe understand flower essences are still a really new idea for a lot of people though so we wanted to answer some common questions about what they are and why they are so powerful.

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are liquid flower extracts used to support people on a mental-emotional and soul level. Flower remedies have been used since ancient times but Dr. Edward Bach (rhymes with batch, not like the composer) was the first to develop and organize the application of these remedies to specific human states.

How are flower essences harvested?

Flower essences are remedies made from flowers picked at the height of their bloom. They are often harvested at full moon time. The flowers are then placed face-down on the surface of a bowl of spring water so that the energy of the flowers infuses the water under the sun. The water is then made potentized through dilution and succussion (shaking/tapping) and adding a little brandy (as a preservative).

What are the healing properties and energetics of flower essences? 

Flower essences are not powerful because of their chemical make-up, but because of the frequency or vibration they carry and transfer to the person who consumes them. The way they work is very similar to homeopathic remedies. 

The remedy holds a particular vibration that matches the vibration your body is currently holding and when you take that remedy, the vibration is brought more into balance. This phenomenon is often described as resonance. By shifting the energetic patterning of the energetic state of a person, this often also translates into affecting the mental and physical states as well.

Why does Fe Earth to Body incorporate flower essences into the signature blends?

It made so much sense to us to add flower essences to the blends we were creating at Fe because we all recognize that we need support beyond the physical world. We see the vibrancy and alchemy that animates and fuels this life we live on our beautiful planet and we want to honor and celebrate the synergistic relationship we have with our plant allies. When you experience our blends, we hope you feel the intention behind why we’ve included these and the embodiment and balance you've been looking for. 


What flower essences are included in the Astrea blend and why? 

  • Crab Apple - to release emotional and/or physical impurities, especially when there is a strong sense of uncleanness, weather real or imagined. 
  • Yerba Santa - to rinse out deep and hidden emotional toxins, especially those emotions which cloud the heart and breathing. 
  • Mountain Pennyroyal - to clear the mind of negative thoughts taken on from others.

What flower essences are included in the Hearth blend and why? 

  • Filaree - to help ease an obsession with details, losing the larger view. 
  • Madia - focus on a single aspect, overcoming the tendency to become distracted. 
  • Rabbitbrush - ability to handle many different details or activities at one time; mental flexibility, and alertness.

What flower essences are included in the Ocea blend and why? 

  • Mimulus - to calm when nervous, fretful overly anxious about small events of daily life. 
  • Indian Pink - to remain calm and centered in the midst of intense activity. 
  • Cosmos - to harmonize an overly active mind, when many ideas flood simultaneously.

What flower essences are included in the Theia blend and why? 

  • Olive - to reinvigorate strength and energy after a long struggle or physical exhaustion. 
  • Self-heal - to catalyze inner recuperative powers in all healing situations. 
  • Indian Paintbrush - to revive creative expression, especially Earthly vitality.

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