The Reframe: Dancing With Stress

Did you know? 

1. To live a healthy life, stress is absolutely essential.

2. The way you perceive and handle stress can lead to either a beneficial or toxic effect.

3. Self support can help to create a more resilient stress response. 

The narrative around stress is starting to improve. Knowledgeable professionals are beginning to redefine the old notion that stress is solely harmful and recognize its importance for an organism's health. In a recent study, individuals who claimed to have "no stress" actually experienced faster aging compared to those who reported "moderate stress" and "high stress."(Dr. Elissa Epel). 

The positive impact of stress can be exemplified through the analogy of exercise. When we engage in physical activity, our body undergoes a temporary stress response, triggering the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and GABA in the brain. Consequently, adrenaline levels rise, and both heart rate and respiration increase. Although this represents short-term stress on the body, in the majority of cases, this sequence of internal reactions actually enhances an individual's overall health in both the immediate and long run.


The Stress Response 

 It's not the stress. It's our perception. 

“Mental health is the ability to navigate and recover from emotional, social, and psychological stress. It is the resilience to cope with life events and maintain a general sense of happiness, contentment, and well-being. It is a journey, not a destination.” John Brick Foundation 

Resilience in the face of stress is the key to creating significant change, individually and collectively, as humanity. 

Offering solutions to transition out of a chronic sympathetic nervous system response will allow humankind to see into the future with optimism instead of a constant state of threat, which creates a negative feedback loop based upon immediate gratification. 

“For heart disease patients, depression increases the risk for slower recovery and early mortality. High optimism, the most studied positive asset, is linked to fewer cardiac events and lower mortality across studies of heart disease patients, even after controlling for depression. (Epel, 2020)

The Breakdown

The Bridge To Stress Resilience

Stress resilience bridges are biological, our ability to regulate is natural and held in many of our innate human responses.  

  • NATURE + SOOTHING ENVIRONMENT- pass time outside or create a comfortable safe space to calm. 
  • PLANT REMEDIES- nourish your body and nervous system with age old traditional plant medicine directly from nature.
  • SUPPORT + CO-REGULATION- invite your natural ability to connect and soothe the nervous system with a trusted friend, support group or pets. Or work with a trusted nervous system professional
  • CONNECT WITH YOUR BODY- get present with the moment by tuning into the sensations in your body with movement.
  • SPACE TO REFLECT- set aside time to reflect- journal, meditation, and other mindfulness practices. 

The Fe Offering:

Plant Remedies To Support Nervous System Health

“There is a need for a more effective and safe pharmacological treatment that can dampen maladaptive stress responses. The endocannabinoid system is one of the main regulators of the stress response…resilience to stress-related disease and dysfunction may depend upon the satisfactory functioning of the endocannabinoid system.A healthy endocannabinoid system modulates a chronic deficiency n the endocannabinoid tone is associated with the pathological complications of chronic stress. Because CBD acts on several synergistic targets, it may be more effective (as well as safer) for constraining the stress response than molecules designed to target specific endocannabinoid receptors or degradative enzymes. ” (Poeppl, 2021) 

“Between 35% and 65% of people using CBD for medicinal purposes in the UK, USA, Denmark, and New Zealand were found to be administering it for stress, and over 90% reported feeling less stressed with CBD, with no respondents reporting feeling more stressed. For stress and its manifestations of mild anxiety and insomnia, CBD is usually administered at low doses and mostly from online suppliers, with less than 1% being prescribed by a doctor and less than 5% being purchased from a pharmacy.” ( (Poeppl, 2021) 

In 2018, hemp became a highly profitable industry, but unfortunately, most of the products lacked purpose, were ineffective, and even harmful. As a result, many CBD consumers were left disappointed and skeptical about its benefits. As hemp farmers, we personally witnessed the negative aspects of this industry. This experience motivated us to develop Fe-- a natural plant medicine carefully crafted from potent hemp flowers. We cultivate these flowers with love and extract them using CO2, ensuring a full-spectrum product. Our process involves handcrafting and bottling in biophotonic glass, prioritizing quality and purity you can feel immediately. 


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