ORB WEAVER FLOWER ESSENCE To Dwell In The Infinite Mystery

{flow}er essence vibrational remedies support you in bypassing the physical body and the conscious mind to access the potent potential of the unconscious and subtle bodies- where your essential power lies dormant. Learn more here

Modern concepts of vibrational or energetic medicine are wide-ranging because defining energy is tricky, everything is energy. Flower essences are imprints of all-pervading vibrational energy, delicately transferred from live plants to structured spring water. These essences function like electrical signals for your subtle body, creating harmony at the root of any imbalance or dis'ease'. 

At Fe, our process of working with flower and environmental essences is very unique. We let nature take the lead with a meaningful organically unfolding journey of creation. This process is akin to creating poetry for your soul and subtle body, just as a flower is poetic for your sight, freshwater speaks to your skin, food dances on your tongue, and the scent of morning dew rises and uplifts your being- flower essences communicate to your soul and subtle bodies


I am receptive to Divine Mother love, knowing she is both within and without. I am her, she is me. 

I find spirit now, in any action, choice, situation and environment. 

I allow the innocent purity of my heart and soul to be protected, nurtured and held by the embrace of unconditional maternal love. 

I honor, integrate, and flow with the natural cycles of beginning and ending, birth and death, creation and destruction, light and dark. 

I transcend any limited self-concepts rooted in fear and remember I am whole, infinite, and transpersonal. A being full of radiance who is serving an imperative purpose. 

I am a beacon of vitality and creativity with an utter infusion of luminous inspiration. 

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